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NOAA/USPS Co-operative Charting Program

Annapolis Harbor Chart

Within the NOAA/USPS Adopt-a-Chart program, RSPS is responsible for the Annapolis Harbor Chart (Chart 12283) . Adopt-a-Chart, an element of NOAA/USPS Cooperative Charting Program, is an 'organized comprehensive effort to keep a chart or a portion of a chart up-to-date on an ongoing basis.' Keeping the chart updated includes but is not limited to chart updates, small craft facility reports and aids to navigation (ATONs). This page is dedicated to ATON reports.

Every squadron member, when cruising in the area of chart 12283 should observe ATONs and report on their condition, operation and location accuracy. That is particularly applicable to members who keep their boats in the area covered by the chart. You should look for:

  1. Is the ATON where the chart/light list says it should be?
  2. Has the ATON been damaged?
  3. Are its light characteristics in conformance with what is documented
  4. Is there anything in the area that should not be there that is a hazard to navigation?

To facilitate reports, we provide the list of Federal ATONs on the Annapolis Harbor Chart below. It is organized by geographic sections: Annapolis Harbor, Back Creek, Lake Ogleton, Severn River, Spa Creek, and Whitehall Bay with the Mill and Whitehall Creek tributaries. Anyone cruising these areas should take time to check all listed ATONs. The squadron and you as individuals get Cooperative Charting points for making a report.

A report should provide the date and approximate time of your observation, the squadron members assisting and the condition of the ATON. For ATONs in place and in good shape just provide the ATON ID. Describe damaged ATONs or hazards to navigation and also notify the Coast Guard (CG). You might want to check your Local Notice to Mariners before notifying the CG, but that is your call. Pictures of ATONs are encouraged, particularly if they are damaged.

As an example of how to proceed, let us assume you plan boating activities at Lake Ogleton. Scroll down to Lake Ogleton below and find the five ATONs in that locale. Cut and paste the data for your use. If you left click on the Light List Number the Google Map centers on the icon for that aid so that you can see its approximate location. As you proceed into Lake Ogleton via the channel you will be able to inspect each of the ATONs. Using your GPS determine whether or not the ATON is in place. Is it seriously damaged or obscured in any way? If you are travelling at night are the lights flashing as documented? Is there anything in the area that would constitute a hazard to navigation? Once inside the harbor area you might notice other ATONs. These are Private ATONs and we are not currently concerned with private ATONs. Document your findings with pictures if appropriate. Pictures of damaged ATONs and hazards are particularly helpful. Finally, report your findings to the Cooperative Charting Chairman. What happens next? The CC Chairman will follow up with you about your report and will file it with NOAA using the CCWEB tool. As a squadron we have made a conscious decision to accept responsibility for this chart. Now let us live up to that responsibility.

ATON IDATON NameChart ZoneLatitudeLongitudeReport Date
19690Annapolis Harbor Channel Light 1AHAnnapolis Harbor38-56-09.043N076-26-10.042WAug 30, 2014
19695Annapolis Harbor Channel Lighted BellAnnapolis Harbor38-56-30.000N076-25-29.000W
19697NOAA Lighted Data Buoy ANAnnapolis Harbor38-57-49.010N076-26-48.370WJun 9, 2916
19700Naval Anchorage Light AAnnapolis Harbor38-58-00.507N076-27-09.003WJun 9, 2916
19705Annapolis Harbor Entrance Light 4Annapolis Harbor38-58-06.185N076-27-27.737WJun 9, 2916
19730Annapolis Harbor Channel Lighted Buoy 5Annapolis Harbor38-58-17.815N076-27-43.465WJun 9, 2916
19740Annapolis Harbor Channel Lighted Buoy 6Annapolis Harbor38-58-29.000N076-27-46.500WJun 9, 2916
19745Horn Point Light HPAnnapolis Harbor38-58-24.611N076-28-09.127WJun 9, 2916
19750Annapolis Harbor Channel Buoy 7Annapolis Harbor38-58-36.362N076-27-54.720WJun 9, 2916
19755Annapolis Harbor Channel Buoy 8Annapolis Harbor38-58-41.459N076-27-54.280WJun 9, 2916
19760Annapolis Harbor Channel Lighted Buoy 9Annapolis Harbor38-58-42.189N076-28-00.826WJun 9, 2916
19775Annapolis Harbor Channel Buoy 13Annapolis Harbor38-58-55.650N076-28-24.809WJun 9, 2916
19790Naval Station Ramp Obstruction DaybeaconAnnapolis Harbor38-58-52.403N076-27-54.855W
19880Eastport Harbor Entrance Light 1EBack Creek Aids38-57-57.251N076-28-08.998WJun 9, 2916
19885Eastport Harbor Entrance Light 2EBack Creek Aids38-58-04.169N076-28-14.854WJul 12, 2014
19890Eastport Harbor Jetty Light 3Back Creek Aids38-58-03.611N076-28-21.778WJul 12, 2014
19895Eastport Harbor Entrance Light 5Back Creek Aids38-58-04.979N076-28-27.976WApr 16, 2016
19900Eastport Harbor Daybeacon 7Back Creek Aids38-58-02.795N076-28-36.838WApr 16, 2016
19815Lake Ogleton Entrance Light 1LLake Ogleton38-57-07.889N076-27-27.802W
19820Lake Ogleton Entrance Daybeacon 2Lake Ogleton38-57-02.768N076-27-34.675W
19825Lake Ogleton Entrance Daybeacon 3Lake Ogleton38-56-59.9l5N076-27-35.944W
19830Lake Ogleton Entrance Daybeacon 4Lake Ogleton38-56-52.793N076-27-45.532W
19835Lake Ogleton Entrance Light 5Lake Ogleton38-56-49.913N076-27-47.2l2W
19770Severn River Restricted Area Buoy ASevern River Aids38-58-53.303N076-28-14.856WJun 9, 2916
19780Triton LightSevern River Aids38-58-53.000N076-28-34.400WApr 16, 2016
19781U.S. Naval Academy Class of 43 LightSevern River Aids38-58-38.500N076-28-57.600WJul 16, 2016
19785U.S. Naval Academy LightSevern River Aids38-58-39.403N076-28-48.857W
19795Severn River Restricted Area Buoy BSevern River Aids38-58-59.182N076-28-25.676WJun 9, 2016
19800Severn River Restricted Area Buoy CSevern River Aids38-58-58.602N076-28-38.657WJun 9, 2016
19805Severn River Restricted Area Buoy DSevern River Aids38-59-03.414N076-28-46.223WJun 9, 2016
19810Annapolis Harbor Channel Buoy 14Severn River Aids38-59-09.072N076-28-40.118WJun 9, 2016
19935Weems Creek Junction Daybeacon WCSevern River Aids39-00-05.291N076-29-56.399WJun 9, 2016
19940Severn River Daybeacon 15Severn River Aids38-59-46.803N076-29-27 038WJun 9, 2016
19945Severn River Light 2Severn River Aids39-00-14.938N076-29-42.010WAug 30, 2014
19765Spa Creek Channel Junction Buoy SCSpa Creek Aids38-58-45.313N076-28-07.037WJun 9, 2916
19905Spa Creek Entrance Buoy lSCSpa Creek Aids38-58-35.044N076-28-47.964WJun 9, 2016
19915Spa Creek Daybeacon 3Spa Creek Aids38-58-22.007N076-29-23.629WApr 16, 2016
20030Severn River - Miii Creek Light 2MWhitehall Bay38-59-34.080N076-26-49.380WJul 14, 2016
20035Severn River - Mill Creek Daybeacon 3Whitehall Bay38-59-37.795N076-26-53.476WJul 14, 2016
20040Severn River - Mill Creek Daybeacon 5Whitehall Bay38-59-40.750N076-26-56.127WJul 14, 2016
20045Severn River - Mill Creek Daybeacon 6Whitehall Bay38-59-41.621N076-26-55.366WJul 14, 2016
20050Severn River - Mill Creek Daybeacon 7Whitehall Bay38-59-41.220N076-26-58.860WJul 14, 2016
20055Severn River - Mill Creek Daybeacon 8Whitehall Bay38-59-42.335N076-26-58.450WJul 14, 2016
20060Severn River - Mill Creek Daybeacon 10Whitehall Bay38-59-40.559N076-27-03.358WJul 14, 2016
20065Whitehall Creek Entrance Light 2WWhitehall Bay38-59-12.611N076-26-16.500WJul 14, 2016
20070Whitehall Creek Davbeacon 4Whitehall Bay38-59-49.769N076-25-44.473WJul 14, 2016
20075Whitehaii Creek Daybeacon 5Whitehall Bay38-59-58.482N076-25-45.468WJul 14, 2016
20080Whitehall Creek Daybeacon 6Whitehall Bay39-00-02.527N076-25-55.471WJul 14, 2016
20085Whitehall Creek Daybeacon 7Whitehall Bay39-00-25.858N076-25-56.913WJul 14, 2016
20090Whitehall Creek Daybeacon 8Whitehall Bay39-00-32.76SN076-26-00.592WJul 14, 2016